Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A love letter

Dear Target --

Oh how I love you.
And like a faithful friend,
You are always there waiting for me.
(OK, maybe not always, but at least Mon-Sat 8a-10p and Sun 8a-9p)

I love to push my red buggy up and down your treasure-filled aisles.
You calm me.
You are a solace to my stress-filled soul.

You love me unconditionally.
(As long as I bring my debit card)
And you always give me exactly what I need.


....and purses....

....and shoes....

Oh my!

And you always have my best interests at heart.
Because you offer me things that I may not think I need, but you insist that I have.
And you beckon me to put them in my buggy.
Because you are just that kind of friend.

Things like....


....and house things...

....and movies for $5 (FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE!)....
.....Hoodies...in every color of the rainbow....

...and these lamps that I am hearting very much.

Plus, you even have things like Advil, and toilet paper, and milk, and laundry detergent.
What novel ideas!
You are *so smart* Target!

You are like therapy to me.
And you are very similar to therapy.
Because you and therapy both run me about the same amount of money:
$100 an hour.

So thank you my beloved Target.
For being there for me.

I heart you.

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