Friday, February 27, 2009

There's no place like home, unless you beat UAB on the road

Memphis weather is crazy.

It is currently pouring rain and 63 degrees.

(The power blinked off and on while I was in the shower. I was just hoping I could get some good electrical use of my blow dryer and flat iron before it went out completely. Rest easy people, the power never went off. So I am lovely. )

The high yesterday was 73 degrees.

The forecast for tomorrow is 43 and dropping temps with rain and snow.

Are you kidding me?!

OK, on to more important things...


The Wizard of Oz last night was great fun. Auntie Em (Jordan) and the Gatekeeper (Nephew T) were the best, of course. It was obvious they worked very hard and put in a lot of hours. So today, it's back to math problems and vocab words I guess. The good news is Jordan's gray hair color washed out successfully so she will not be reporting to 6th grade today looking like an 83 year old. For her role, she wore an old know the kind I'm talking about - they are floral print and snap up the front.....just lovely.....along with an apron and granny glasses....and a pair of my black flats (which I always thought were cute and kind of fashionable until Jordan made them look very old-ladyish last night). My BIL (her uncle) leaned over as Jordan came on stage and said we may want to consider making Jordan dress like that more often as we approach the challenging dating years. It could fend off some trouble. Cooper was quite proud of his sister and cousin. He gave Jordan a bouquet of flowers after the performance and gave his Cousin T some Sour Patch Kids. Anyhoo, it was a nice evening and we are proud of our peeps.


Now, on to the Tigers. Whew! What a game that was. It was very, very close through the whole game until the last few minutes, and then we really pulled away and just ended it all.

A little numbers recap for ya':
Evans only scored 8 points.
Mack (17), Anderson (16), Dozier (15) and Taggart (13) led the Tiger pack.
We held UAB's superstar scoreless. He went 0-17. He is their top scorer.
Tigers went on a 22-10 run during the last 5 minutes.
It was our 19th win - the nation's longest winning streak.
It was also our 55th win in the conference.

During the game, Connie, Bingmama and I were texting each other without ceasing. Here is a sampling of all of our messages, in no particular order.

This is CRAZY.
R U screaming yet?
I DO NOT want to lose to them this late in season.
Wearing me out.
I'm dying here
No no NO
Can't believe they have hung with us.
If I had pants on, I would pee in them
Here we go Tigers
Taggart has really stepped up this season
Can't take a last min game
Announcers want upset
Under a severe tstorm watch til 3am (had to get our weather updates in there too!)
Why does Evans need a breather? Rose never took a breather.
Can't take this
Still time
The old 5 point play. Thank u very much.
Let's go!!!!!

At the end of the game, I got a text from Connie:

At the same time, I got a text from Bingmama:

I couldn't have said it better myself!


2 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

Goodness...took me forever to calm it down so I could get to sleep...never a dull Tiger moment..but they pull it off...which is what Champions do!!!

MOM said...

The comment your BIL made reminds me of what your Dad said when you turned 8. I said, well, she is half way to dating age. He replied - what age to you THINK that is? I said 16, what age do you think it is? He promptly replied - in a deep, bold voice - 21
Dad's have a problem with their little girls growing up. Just wait for the milestones that follow - graduating high school, college, and then the biggie - marriage. But, you know, he really loved his "chosen" sons.