Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tonight at 8 and 7 and 7 central

Wizard of Oz
Curtain rises at 7pm.
Jordan is Auntie Em.
She is excited.
Can't wait to see her.
Have to turn her into an old lady.
Granny glasses.
Gray hair paint.
Hope it all comes out.
Break a leg Jordan!
(And Nephew T. who is the Gatekeeper!)
That's just a figure of speech though.
It just means Good Luck!

Tip off at 8pm.
See above.
I will be in Oz.
Have set the TIVO.
Bingmama will text me with updates. (Thanks Bingmama!)
We're playing on the road.
Huge game.
Last year was bad scene.
Last second win by Tigers.
Bottles, punches, spit followed.
Tonight will be hostile environment.
They are ready for rematch.
But they just think they want us.
I am anxious and nervous.

American Idol
Three make it through tonight.
Really don't care who it is.
Because everybody stunk it up last night.
Maybe the very last guy that sang "Satisfaction"
And the girl with the tattoo'd arm.
But other than that it was stinksville.
I can't believe I even stayed up to watch it.

OK - that's all people. I'm off to see the Wizard. And to root for my Tigers!

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MOM said...

The sentimental part of the house dress Jordan is wearing - it is a breakfast coat I got for my mother-in-law in 1980 for her Mother's Day gift. She died before Mother's day. I have kept it over the years - Just can't bear to get rid of it.I wear it sometimes. She was a wonderful person. Jordan reminds me of her, so this is special to me.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I sent the e-mail about "Why God Made Moms". Very interesting and HILARIOUS!!
Love you,