Monday, February 23, 2009

Tigers and Furniture

It's Monday so I gotta' talk Tigers.

They won on Saturday, yes they did.

The first half was a little scary, but the tongue thrashing the team got at halftime the adjustments Cal made at the half seemed to work because they totally rocked the second half.

What will the polls bring today? Memphis and Pitt are the only two teams among the top 5 that won both of their games last week. UConn, Oklahoma and North Carolina were all handed at least one loss. Do we think the Tigers could move up to #3?!?!? Huh? Do ya'??

Big test on the road for the Tigers this Thursday night when we take on UAB. I read this on the Commercial Appeal sports blog: UAB made 16 3-pointers against Southern Miss in a 30-point victory. Late in the game, UAB fans started chanting “we want Memphis.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're comin'. Don't worry.

It's starting to get interesting people....

And, in case you are wondering, Selection Sunday is three weeks from yesterday.


The only other excitement my weekend saw was some "new to us" furniture that we inherited from the Captain's grandparents. Some "new" bedroom furniture means taking all the clothes out of the "old" dressers and moving them into the new pieces. We also got a "new" china cabinet and buffet so I have been playing around with all my china, crystal and other pretties. It's nice to get my china out from under the bathroom sink out of storage and display it in the china cabinet and in the buffet.

Just trying to get it all this new furniture where it belongs...wherever that may the meantime, I have a dresser in the middle of my study. And two wingback chairs in my dining room. Normal can show up whenever he wants to.

OK people, make today a great Monday. Cheer for the Tigers. Everybody think "THREE" and maybe we'll be there this afternoon!! I sure hope so, don't you?!


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