Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week. Tweet.


Drinking my coffee from my Disney mug today and am pretending I am there. Must go hop on the monorail now.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.


Tigers down by three at the half. Time to turn it up Tigers!!!


Tigers win by 7. Yes they do!!

I have no choice but to take a nap.

Dear Family: That *is* dinner.

Only person in America not watching the Oscars.

Oh no. Just realized the Tigers are playing Thursday PM. Same night as my daughter's school play. Will somebody take pix of her for me?

I asked son who made first American flag. His response? Mary Poppins.

Walking fine line between helping daughter write her paper and writing it for her. I think I was set up.

Captain thinks because he has on his Tabasco boxers that I should call him "Spicy Britches".

Mr. Treadmill had it out for me this morning and I'm not sure why. What did I ever do to him?

How can they get toothpaste everywhere but in their mouths?!?!?

Dear Sales Person: Thanks, but no. No. Ummmm, no. No thank you. Not interested. No. Nyet. Nein. No. No. No. Thanksforcallingbye

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand.

Son: "Hey mom look! It's my first chest hair. Oh, where did it go? It must have fallen off...." You think so? It's because you are SIX.

Rock the Casbah

Down on the boulevard they take it hard.

Big day today. Wizard of Oz school play tonight with daughter playing Auntie Em. And big game for Tigers tonight. Me = buncha nerves.

Dear Children: Why is it such a surprise to you every morning that you have to brush your teeth, get dressed, wash your face, etc

Gusty winds + daughter's hair + silver hair paint + outside on the patio = not a good idea

We're off to see the Wizard! The Wonderful WIzard of Oz!

Screaming. Cheering. Pacing. Here we go Here we go Here we go Tigers!!

Really can't take these close games.

Close game until the last 3 minutes, then Tigers pulled it off and won by 11 points. Their leading scorer went 0-17. Yes he did. GOTIGERSGO!

Raise your hand if you're glad it's Friday!

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