Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got bracket?

Got your brackets filled out?

I have studied statistics.

I have poured over comments from national sports pundits.

I have at looked the 5 vs. 12 upset possibilities.

I have contemplated the 8 vs. 9 match ups.

I have studied RPI and SOS.

And now ...

My bracket is complete.

(cue angelic singing)


And it will remain in my possession until the championship on April 6.

Worn and torn.

For three weeks of March Madness blood, sweat, tears, and love.

With yellow highlighter marking my wins.

And so people, without further ado....

I present my Final Four:

  • Louisville

  • Memphis

  • Pittsburgh

  • Syracuse

Who do you have as your Final Four?

And can I get a GO TIGERS GO!?

5 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

my final four looks the same as yours but my bracket doesn't. I've got Kansas going down in second round to W. VA.
Sour grapes? Maybe...factored in some upsets. Good thing I don't do this for money...

connie said...

and UConn out before we even get to them...
(meant to say "also" on the Kansas comment)

angie128 said...

Would love UConn to be gone before we get there too. It's my 1 vs. 2 seed revenge coming out.

We don't do it for money either. Just for bragging rights. And a Pay Day bar.

JuJu said...

My Final 4:

I'm rooting for your Tigers!

connie said...

wouldn't mind a little Kansas revenge match....