Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have no title for this post

Have you ever been through a million emotions within a small period of time?

That happened to me yesterday.

I got a call from Jordan's school that she had basically fallen out in the middle of class. They thought she was having a seizure and they were calling 911.


"We think she has had a seizure and we are calling 911."

The words just kept ringing in my ears.

Immediate fear and panic.



Realizing I couldn't make good time what with taking the boot off and driving there and putting the boot on, coupled with the fact that I just needed somebody with me, I hobbled down the hall and screamed at Bingmama, "I need you to drive me to school. They think Jordan is having a seizure."

And she jumped up and ran with me.

Well, she ran.

I hobbled.

But off we went.

And Bingmama drove me to school.

And we were squeezing hands and praying and crying and just getting to school. As fast as we could. And maybe she ran two stop signs and maybe she didn't. I'll never tell.

I was so afraid. It was just a sickening feeling.

What was wrong with her? Where was she? Was she conscious? Is she ok? Will they take her to the hospital? What is wrong with my daughter?

It was all just whirring around in my head.

And I was trying to hold it all together.

Because sometimes I'm not real good at doing that.

But I was so scared.

The Captain had already beaten us there. He has blue lights and sirens built into his car. Which is an advantage in situations like this.

My sister was there too. She lives very near the school.

And Jordan was "ok" and was laying in the Sick Room. With the paramedics. And the entire office full of faculty and staff. They had done a tremendous job taking care of her. (And me.) And I am forever grateful for that.

We decided to go to the ER just to be safe. And they did blood work and a CT scan.

And the bloodwork was normal.

And the CT scan showed the "cranial vault unremarkable" which kind of sounds like all my hard earned dollars that are going toward private school tuition were a waste, but in this case, was actually a very, very good thing. Because it was one more thing that was ruled out.

And the doctor said he thinks that even though it looked like a seizure, it was more of a fainting episode. For a lot of medical blah-blah-blah reasons I'm not going to get into.

And that's when I started crying.

And after more than 4 hours in the ER, we were able to go home.

We may need to follow up with neuro later. But for now we will just watch her.

Cooper was with my mom and he said he had been "so nuhvous for Jordan that he throwed up". And he had. Poor little guy. But he's ok now.

And the day finally ended.

And I tucked both of my precious children into bed.

With a very thankful heart.

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bingmama said...

Stop signs....what stop signs???

JuJu said...

I am so glad the day had a good ending. I know that drive to the hospital had to seem endless. (even with two "missed?" stop signs!)
I hope today will be a much less eventful day for everyone.