Monday, March 23, 2009


The Tigers are headed to the Sweet Sixteen. Yes they are!!

The Tigers really did their thing on Saturday. And they looked great!

How about Doneal Mack?!?!...."Ummmm Roburt Sallie isn't getting *my* starting position....."

And Jordan was excited to see Preston Laird come in the game. Any time we see Chance McGrady and Preston Laird, that means the Tigers are sweeping it up baby. I hope those two kids get LOTS of playing time over the next two weeks!!

So all the sportswriters who had been on the Memphis bandwagon, and then hurled themselves off on Thursday, are now chasing the wagon again... "Hey stop!! Hold that wagon!! I want back on!!!"

How is your bracket looking? I've got 13 of the Sweet 16. Not too shabby. The Midwest region really did me in. The Captain has a very respectable 14 remaining. As Bingmama said, as long as my final pick is right....I don't care about the rest of my bracket!

There was some great basketball this weekend. Lots of close games and some upsets. It was non-stop hoops at our house. Man I love March Madness.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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