Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What started yesterday morning as just a little rumor hit full pitch by noon....



Say it isn't so!

Didn't he just tell us on Friday that he loved Memphis and wanted to be here?

What happened?

I feel betrayed. I feel like he has had an affair and is leaving us for somebody else. I thought he loved us.

I am very sad. Is that stupid?

And, to top it all off, he'll take his staff too. And some current players. And some future players.

But what about next year Cal? That was supposed to be The Year.

It doesn't seem to be quite over yet. There are offers and counter offers. Insane amounts of money being talked about ... $35 million. It would make him the highest paid NCAA coach. Of any sport.

Reports last night said he was gonna' sleep on the offer overnight. Wonder if he did sleep. I really didn't. Actually dreamed about it all night. OK, that's weird. But I did.

I am wondering if this anguish and grief is an FMLA qualifying event. I'm gonna' need some time off.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

$35 Million and he's never even won a Championship Title...must be nice to be so loved!!!

Jessica said...

Very very sad! It stinks!!