Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dawning of a New Day

It's a new day in Tigerville people.

We have a new coach.
Yes we do.

The coaching search is over.
Can I have an amen?
And we can all move on now.
Thank goodness.
It was getting exhausting.
And embarrassing.

But we've got Josh Pastner.
Woot! (Did I really just say woot! on my blog? Oh dear....)

I think it's a fabulous thing.
A brilliant hire.
I am really excited about it.

He's gonna' do a great job.
And I hope he keeps some current assistants.
And some current players.
And some current recruits.

He is young.
He is aggressive.
He is a rising star.
He is a tireless recruiter.
He is passionate about the game.
He is high energy.
He is Go! Go! Go!

Plus, he is a total dish.
Which is just an added bonus.

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