Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The dress. The whole dress. Nothing but the dress.

The Captain's sister is getting married in May. Jordan is a bridesmaid and we went to the bridal dress place in early February to get measured for her dress. We ordered it and paid for it in full. And yes, we actually had to pay a RUSH fee in February to get the dress here by mid-April. Ridiculous. But whatever.

This is an actual coversation I had last week when I called the bridal dress place to see if the bridesmaid's dress had come in:

Me: Hi, I was calling to see if my daughter's dress came in. It was supposed to be in by mid-April.

Bridal Shop Lady: Hmmmmm, well this says it was shipped on April 1, but I don't show that we've received it. Let me call you back.

She calls me back...

Bridal Shop Lady: So sorry about that. I had not opened yesterday's delivery yet. But yep, here it is. I have your fabric right here.

Me: Wait! No - what? What did you say? Fabric?

Bridal Shop Lady (insert happy, peppy, sing-song tone): Yes ma'am. Alllll your fabric came in. I've got it right here.

Me: FABRIC!?!? I ordered a dress. A whole dress.

Bridal Shop Lady: Wellllllll..... hmmm.....

Me: We were MEASURED for a DRESS. An ENTIRE dress.

Bridal Shop Lady: This is fabric.

Me: I didn't order FAB-RIC. I ordered a DRESS.

(At this point I'm trying not to flip out because the wedding is just a few short weeks away and I'm thinking Number One: We can't get a dress shipped here in time. And Number Two: Who is gonna be able to sew this dress for us with this alleged fabric?)

Bridal Shop Lady: Oh. OK, well.....let...me...call...you....back.

So I practiced some deep breathing. Sent Connie a panicky email. Threw a small fit in front of Bingmama. And waited for Bridal Shop Lady to call me back.

She finally called me back.

Bridal Shop Lady (even more happy, peppy, singsong tone): I have your dress right here!!

Me: Is it a dress?

Bridal Shop Lady: Yes, it's the dress.

Me: A whole dress?

Bridal Shop Lady: Yes, a whole dress.

So, crisis averted here with the dress. Because we have it. Boy do we have it.

The fitting was on Saturday. It was the first time we had actually seen the dress. And I was relieved, because to be honest, it was prettier in person than it was in the picture online. Big whew!

And Jordan tried it on. And it fit. Perfectly. As in, per-fect-ly.

And I couldn't believe how she looked in it. And I'm not real sure what the Captain will say when *he* sees her in it.

Let me just say, she didn't look 12. Maybe a dyslexic 12.

All that had to be altered was the hem. And even that, was only an inch.

Should my 12-year old daughter be a perfect size 8? *sigh*

She looked beautiful.

I was happy.

Because she is getting older.

And I was sad.

Because she is getting older.

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JuJu said...

I feel your pain! (and your happiness!)

bingmama said...

I thought she looked beautiful! The Captain may not let her walk down the aisle though....