Friday, April 24, 2009

For the birds

Guess what we've got?

Do you see it?

Look carefully....

Now do you see it?
Is this better?

A robin's nest!

Did you notice the piece of Christmas tree tinsel in that middle picture up there? It's hanging down on the right side of the nest. This is a robin with some real decorating sense I tell you.

I've tried to take a picture of her sitting on the nest, but it is very hard. She's very skittish and flies away every time I walk up to the door or open the blinds.

But if you look really carefully, you may be able to see her in one of these pictures....

I did manage to get this picture of her. See her sitting in that branch? (And yes, that's pink sidewalk chalk on my brick...)
(For those of you who are paying attention to detail, I took these pictures on different days. That's why there is rain in some and beautiful blue sky in others.)

Since it's up on top of the post, we can't see inside to find out how many eggs are in there. Maybe when the babies hatch we can see their little necks.

A few years ago, we had a nest in a bush right outside our dining room window. It was a perfect view. See?
(I just love those pictures.)

And one year, we had a very brave bird build a nest perched right up here. I was nervous about this nest. I was just sure a strong April storm would blow it down. But it didn't. See?

Anyway, I'm loving having Mama Bird out on my porch.

Hope you can find a little wonder in your world too.

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JuJu said...

I love these pictures. The egg pix are perfect examples of "robin's egg blue!" I can't wait to hear what pops up in that nest!