Saturday, April 25, 2009

Twitter Time

The highlights of my week on Twitter.

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Hard to find shoes for a 12 year old girl who wears a size 9 1/2.

And let's just say, it was eye opening to see her in that bridesmaids dress. That needed no alteration other than hem. Perfect size 8.

Pouring. Down. Rain.


Going down to get my (hopefully last) exam on my (hopefully healed) foot.

Hi sun. Nice of you to show up today. You are looking quite lovely.

Am having quite a day. Yes I am. And it can be over any time it wants to.

Son: "Look at the pretty panties in Nanny's flower bed." Me: "Those are PANSIES."

Dear Monday: You may go away now.

Hoping House gets this diagnosis right. He'd better hurry.

Excited to hear that Derrick Rose is the NBA's Rookie of the Year!

Ready to move along and be done with the Henry brothers. And their daddy. Bye boys. Good luck to ya'.

Just got home from church and turned on Idol. Somebody please tell me that wasn't KC sans Sunshine Band. Oh my.

No surprises for me tonight on Idol. Well, except for the KC part.....

Cleaning out my desk drawer. How on earth does a person accumulate so many pens?

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