Monday, April 27, 2009

Mug Shots

I love coffee and I take my coffee drinking very seriously.

We have many different coffee mugs at home. But I only drink out of five of them. These five. And only these five. Because I am an OCD (Obsessive Coffee Drinker). Please do not poke fun.

Here they are....

Big Red -- I bought this mug at the Winn Dixie in Orange Beach, Alabama in 2006. Why do I remember that? I'm not sure. But that's totally where he came from. He is huge and has an enormous handle. And sports a big coffee attitude.

Blue Motorola -- Not sure where this one came from, but I heart this little fella'. He has a very unique size and shape. He is thinner than your average sized mug. I usually don't see the Motorola logo on there because I am a left-handed coffee drinker. Which is weird. Because I am right-handed. But when I spin him around, the other side is plain.

White Mickey -- This big coffee holdin' thing came home with me from our trip to Disney World last October. And when I drink coffee from him, I like to pretend I am in Disney. Here comes the monorail!

The Cochran Firm -- I believe I got this mug from a trade show or something. I heart this mug very much. After all, who doesn't want to drink coffee from a Johnny Cochran mug? There's a joke there, but I'm not touching it. If the mug fits....ok, ok I won't go there either. The Captain wants to get rid of this mug. And any time there is "mug purging", he suggests The Cochran Firm Mug. But I will not part with him.

Blue Mickey -- I got this Disney mug from a trip we took in 2007. He's a cute, very sassy little mug.

So there ya' go. Now you know all about my favorite coffee mugs. Must be a slow bloggy day for me to have done this. But thanks for reading it anyway!

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