Saturday, April 18, 2009


My week. On Twitter.

I'm sure my family loves that i am singing out loud while i am listening to my ipod. Cause i am such a good singer and all.

Watching the Masters. Listening to the rain. And looking at my son who has chocolate all over his face.

Watching the Masters always reminds me of delivering my daughter. I went into labor with her during Tiger's first win in 1997.

Who is the Japanese cowboy golfer guy?

Must. Go. To. Bed. Now.

Dear Monday: Go away.

It's Monday night....You know what that means.... WWE is on!! If I hypothetically watched that...

I honestly think my son has not stopped talking since he walked in the door after school. Hehassoundedlikethisforaboutfivehoursnow.

The tax man cometh.

I'm starving. OK, not literally starving. But very, very, very hungry. Like really hungry.

I told the Captain this morning, when the paramedics come, to tell them to check inside my throat cause I will have choked on my to-do list.

Say it ain't so....John Madden is retiring.

Foot. Mouth. Ouch.

Son: "You know those phones that hang your ears? We make those out of foil when we have hot dogs for lunch."

Anybody need any mulch? I just had a huge pile dumped on my bathroom floor when my son took off his shoes.

Get thee behind me Easter Candy.

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