Thursday, May 14, 2009

From a 6 year old's mind...and heart

Some recent prayers and all around deep thoughts by Cooper.

"Thank you for the people in Russia, Brazil, and the Gulf of Mexico."

"Thank you for this earth (although he pronounces this "uhth"). And the orbit. And all the planets. And the solar system. And the things in the sky that lets us breathe. Amen." (Guess who is apparently paying attention in science?)

"Thank you for this world ("wuhld" cute) and all the people on the earth ("uhth"). Even the people who are not humans. Amen." (People who are not humans? Huh?)

"Thank you for the fish. And all the things in the earth (you got it..."uhth"). Even outer space. Amen."

"It is so cool how God made everything. Man. Woman. Vehicles. Palm Trees. Everything." (This moment of pondering came while we were 3/4 of the way on our 1,265 mile journey. Thus, the vehicle comment. Palm trees.... not sure about that. There are NONE in Texas or Arkansas. )

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