Saturday, May 9, 2009

My week on Twitter

I heart Twitter. In case you were wondering how much rain we got over the last week, read on...

~ ~ ~

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Yes, it's still raining.

Tuning in to the Kentucky Derby just because I feel like I have to.

Thinking my 6 year old son is bigger than these jockeys.

Searching for some gopher wood and two of every kind....

Hey guess what? It's still raining.

Daughter working on book report that is due tomorrow. I'm trying to just keep my mouth shut. It will be better all around if I do that.

It. Is. Still. Raining.

And just like that...*POOF*...the weekend is over.

Oh c'mon Monday....can't we be friends?

The sun isn't out, but it has stopped raining. We'll just have to consider this progress.

It's Star Wars Day. I am going to find some big cinnamon rolls & stick them on the sides of my head & pretend to be Princess Whatshername.

My eye is starting to twitch. That is a sure sign of an overloaded to-do list.

OK Monday, thanks for stopping by. Move along now.

It's the sun! It's the sun!

Trying to sort out hotel ressies for weekend trip to Houston. Captain's sister getting married. 3 nights. 3 cities. 3 hotels.

That sun out there is glorious. But apparently shortlived. Weather guy just said rain moving back in tonight and hanging around tomorrow.

I cannot get that Black Eyed Peas song out of my head. Boom Boom Pow. Help me. I don't even like that song. Nor do I get it.

I really think Brett Favre should quit using the word "retire" when he's just gonna' start playing again. And again. Call it "take a break".

Can we please stop talking about the swine flu? Thank you.

Contemplating growing rice in my back yard.

Thanking my paper guy who double-reverse-bagged my paper this morning!

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