Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Total yummers

Since I believe in serving fruit with every meal, I made these last night.

Apple Dumplings.

See all that fruit?!? The apples are hiding. They are all wrapped up with the dough of the gods crescent rolls.

Need a closer look? Again, people, I know it's hard to focus on the apples with the distraction of all that bubbly butter.

Sweet mercy people. These things were good. Like, therearenowordstodescribe good.

The Captain likes his a la mode. See?

Our conversation went something like this:

Captain: How many sticks of butter did you say were in these?

Me: Well, it really doesn't matter how many sticks of butter are in it, because butter has milk in it, so it's really more along the lines of meeting a dairy requirement...which builds strong bones....so, by eating these, I am trying to prevent osteoporosis.

Captain: Ummmmm hmmmmmm.

Me: And they ARE apples.

Captain: (no words)

Me: (quickly and very proud) And that's fruit!

Captain: Ummmmm hmmmmm. And the dough?

Me: Crescent rolls. The dough of the gods. So they are blessed. Have another one.

Captain: No thank you.

Me: Actually, I just made these for the sake of my blog. I needed a post for tomorrow. It's blog fodder.

Captain: The BLOG will not gain any weight from them. The same cannot be said for the Captain.

I found the recipe on a blog I follow, but the original one came from the Queen of the Blogosphere, The Pioneer Woman. Here's the recipe. And she even takes photos of every step as she cooks. And her photos are undescribable. Really. And actually, her finished dumplings look prettier than mine do. But I guess that's why she is the Queen of the Blogosphere and I'm not. Whatever. I digress.....

Unfortunately, they were very easy to make. And they don't call for many ingredients. And we always have all the required ingredients on hand. Well, except for the Mountain Dew.

Why do you have to put Mountain Dew in it? Anybody know the answer to that? I would love to know.

They were good. And absolutely not good for you. And the comment The Pioneer Woman made about drinking the sweet syrup with a straw??? She's not too far off. Just sayin'.

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JuJu said...

I love PW! Every recipe of hers that I've tried has been magnificent. I'll have to try this one next!

angie128 said...

Can't even tell you how easy these were. And sooooo good.