Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend in Review

Weekend in Review. With Bullet Points. Because who doesn't love bullet points?

  • Rain. Rain. And more rain.

  • Why do two days during the weekend go by so much quicker than two days during the week?

  • I don't watch Extreme Homemakeover. But every once in awhile, I will catch the very end where all the people will say, "Move that bus!" and it just makes me sob. Even if I haven't watched any of the rest of the show.

  • Yes, I may have actually said out loud to Cooper, "Do not open the umbrella in the car."

  • I dreamed I had little white mice in my kitchen. Everywhere. Yuk. But I killed them with a phone book. Weird.

  • Did I mention it rained? All. Weekend. Long.

  • Cooper watched the Home Alone movies yesterday afternoon. Made me want to put up the Christmas tree.

  • Nobody in my household has the swine flu.

  • Cooper's baseball game on Saturday morning was played in the gym. Yeah, cause of the R-A-I-N. They are only 6 years old. No big hitters. It worked.

  • Jordan had a book report which she put off until the last minute. Very hard for me to back off a situation like that. But I did. And it ended up just fine. Like it always does. And, in case you were wondering, Target DOES have metallic silver Sharpie markers.

  • Oh, and we had a little rain.

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JuJu said...

I always cry at the end of the first Home Alone when the old man gets to see his daughter. Awwww.