Saturday, May 16, 2009


My week on Twitter. The end.

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Wedding day for the captains sister! Daughter getting hair done with all bridesmaids. Son wants to put tux on right now & practice walking

Wedding was lovely and all was perfect. Including my kids!

Daughter still sporting wedding up-do hair and made up face just looked very lovely but a bit out of place at the gas station.

Son sick from too much wedding food. Yes i can catch throw up in a target bag in a vehicle going eighty miles an hour. Thank you very much.

Bad case of static cling: the captain just pulled a pair of my underwear out of his undershirt. Yes they have been there all day.

My kids have done great on this trip. They have been 1200 miles in 72 hours with very minimal murmuring or complaining.

Bored son in back seat + straw + straw paper = spit wads in front seat

Finally. Home

Well, whadya''s raining again.

First you are tired. Then more than tired is exhausted. What's after that? Because that's what I am. Requires coffee. And a paramedic.

Son set milkshake on counter then went out to play. Assumed he was finished. Daughter & I ate it. He just asked "Where's my ice cream?" Oops

Husband just asked if white cream sauce I made for noodles was "brand new or been in frig too long?" Does that mean he thinks it's yucky?

Why. Does. Kara. Always. Talk. Like. This.

Any time somebody gets voted off Idol, my son says, "He'll be fine. He'll have a career." Totally cracks me up.

Showing my age here, but I am really sad about the whole Farrah Fawcett thing. I thought she was all that years ago. I wanted her hair.

Dear new employee that just walked in my office. Please read the "fragrance free" section in your employee handbook.

Just realized i texted a coworker instead of my daughter. I asked him what he wanted for dinner.

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