Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Review

And here we are's Monday. Hooray! (Cue the sarcasm)

My weekend....

The baby birds finally left the nest on my porch. I really enjoyed watching them out the window. And now I am sad.

We have discovered we have skinks in living in our flower bed. Actually they are living under the edge of the house by the garage. They are lizard things. Three words for you: No thank you. The skinks have been sentenced to death by hoe. The end.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a scooter wipe out by Cooper which results in Bactine, Neosporin and Band-Aids. Pretty weather = time to restock the first aid box.

I *might* have parked my car at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and just got out and walked through the parking lot without turning off the motor. Maybe.

No, this isn't our last week of school. So don't ask.

I started cleaning my blinds. I must confess, they were totally nasty. I used my ShamWow rags. I must confess again, I never once said "wow!" I am surprised by the number of windows I have in my house.

Speaking of "as seen on TV" products, my "obsessed with informercials" son is now begging for one of these. Yes, he has asked for it for his birthday. He says it will help keep the bathroom cleaner and keep toothpaste off the counter. Sure it will keep toothpaste off the counter. That's because it will be all over the wall.

That's about it. Don't you wish your life was as exciting as all that? Sure you do.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Oh man, you cleaned your blinds? Mine are calling me to do the same.

And, I'm sure you didn't leave the car running, it started back up after you left!

angie128 said...

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned....and am STILL not finished.