Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here is some blah blah blah for you...

The whole Jon & Kate thing is a train wreck. And frankly I'm over it. Really just not a fan. Initially, the show was a bit entertaining, but all that whining made me twitch. And now it's really not even Jon & Kate Plus Eight. It's Jon - Kate Plus Eight Every Other Weekend and Alternating Holidays. It's sad. And it's sad that they put this TV show ahead of their family and their marriage. They are both selfish and have poor priorities. The end.

A question posed by Cooper to the Captain: Do you have anything the size of a skateboard but maybe a little bigger than a skateboard or maybe smaller than a skateboard that has wheels that a monkey could ride on for an obstacle course? I was laughing so hard I had to leave the room.

During games of Sorry and Chutes & Ladders the other night, the Captain was caught cheating. Although he says he just misinterpreted the rules. There is some slight irony there I believe. And no Captain, you have to land ON the bottom rung of the ladder to climb up, you cannot climb up mid-ladder.

In golf, why is it called a Bogie and then a DOUBLE Bogie, but not called a Birdie and DOUBLE Birdie? I don't get it.

Jordan has been gone on a church youth group trip since Saturday. There has been minimal incoming communication from her other than a few random texts and Tweets that go something like this:

  • Had to carry my very heavy suitcase up three flights of stairs.
  • I cut my leg shaving and it won't stop bleeding and I think I need stitches.
  • A really awesomely hot guy just walked me and M. back to our dorm.
  • My throat hurts.
  • Some boy just knocked on the emergency exit door of our dorm. Dorm mom sent security out there.
  • I am happeeeeeee!

It's hot out there. The end.

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Connie said...

Dear Captain: I thought ignorance was no excuse for the law...