Monday, June 22, 2009

Ten things I did this weekend

After you read this you will feel so sorry for me and resist the urge to tell me to get a life be very jealous of my most exciting weekend.

1. Dropped Jordan off to go on a youth trip. She'll be gone a week. The house feels very lopsided. But is also significantly quieter.

2. Celebrated Father's Day with the Captain. The kids gave him, among other things, a lovely little coffee mug. It says "Deadliest Catch" on one side -- which is one of his favorite shows. And the other side says -- get this -- "It's good to be the Captain". We thought that was very clever. Yes we did.

3. Missed my daddy a little more than normal.

4. Did 39,285 loads of laundry.

5. Read a lot. Love that the somewhat relaxed summer schedule allows me to read more.

6. Watched some great baseball Friday night during the College World Series. Arkansas is now out after they took a substantial beating from LSU. Championship starts tonight. Guess I'll pull for LSU over Texas. Must be loyal to the SEC.

7. Took a nap Saturday AND two on Sunday. Yes I did. Three naps. In one weekend. Go ahead. Call me a sloth. All the naps were divine. And I might have slept so hard Saturday afternoon that I drooled on the pillow. Maybe. But don't mention that to Cooper. Because I was asleep on his pillow.

8. Watched quite a bit of the U.S. Open. It cracks me up when the golfer tees off and people yell, "IT'S IN THE HOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLE". Also, I am confused as to why everybody has to be quiet when the players are teeing off or putting or whatever. At a football game, you don't see the entire stadium get quiet during the point after attempt. Or the whole arena come to a complete state of silence during a basketball free throw. I don't get it. In other developments, Cooper has become slightly obsessed with golf. But more on that to come in another post. (That is called a tease.)

9. Purchased five more pints of blueberries. I think we've eaten close to two gallons of blueberries in the last 10 days. Seriously. We are all going to start turning blue like Violet Beauregard from the Willie Wonka movie. Well, better two gallons of fruit than two gallons of M&M's.

10. Continued to look for Cooper's missing Game Boy Advance. Anybody seen it?

It was a very quiet and low key weekend. Which is rare. I'll take it when I can get it. It was quite delightful.

The end.

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connie said...

Golf apparently is a very mannerly is the same way....nice that people are still respectful I guess...I'M not getting that "Tummy putt' thing...what's up with that??!!

Should we just go pick our own blueberries...we're knocking 'em down over here as well...