Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week ala Tweet

Could hardly get Son out of bed each morning last week for his camp. Now today when he CAN sleep in, he's up before 6am.

Lots of rumbly thunder out there. Looks like another big storm headed this way.

Hoping my paper gets here before the rain does.

Cue the rain. In 5..4..3..2..1..

One way to get Daughter moving faster this morning is to threaten a potential power outage. Quick - plug in the flat iron!!

Do the hustle.

Son has swimming lessons this week. Just realized he doesn't have any swim trunks.

I must go work some magic with some chicken.

Yes, I'm watching WWE Monday Night Raw.

Does anybody have any cheese dip?

Temps this week in the high 90's. Really? Already? Personally, I think it's a bit soon to start all that.

Today is Barry Manilow's birthday. Anybody want to join me in singing Copacabana? I love me some Barry. Yes I do.

I am madly in love with my Crock-Pot.

Obama swat. Fly death. PETA mad. Seriously?

Hi Friday. What took you so long?

It's gonna' be hot today. The end.

Bought a bag of chocolate chips to make cookies. Left them in my car while I got my hair cut. That was stupid. It's 100 degrees out there.

You know those Freeze-Pop things? Do NOT attempt to tear them apart before they are frozen. Just sayin'. A little advice for ya'.

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