Friday, July 3, 2009

It's been a week of pure adventure

Jordan and the Captain have been gone this week with the youth group to Adventure Camp in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Cooper and I have been chillin' here in West Tennessee.

I have received no less than 10 texts from him about how great the weather has been. How cool it was. How great it felt outside. And one night he said he even got so cold he put on his hoodie. OK people. That is major. The Captain is so totally hot natured, I have to beg him to let me even put sheets on the bed. He keeps the ceiling fan in our bedroom turned up so high it's like a wind tunnel in there. And he tells me it got so cold one night that he put a hoodie on?!?!? Meanie.

And one night they even got -- ready for this?? -- R-A-I-N!! Contain your jealousy people.

Nothing like that happening here that's for sure. Let me think....Yep, I'm pretty sure no plummeting temps have required me to put on a hoodie this week. Nope. No hoodie. And rain? What's that?

They roasted marshmallows around the campfire. We just roasted.

They went horseback riding. We just horsed around.

They conquered a ropes course, a rock wall, and giant swing. We conquered a mountain of laundry and an occasional mood swing.

They went whitewater rafting. We played in the sprinkler. Which can sometimes be confused with whitewater rafting. Honestly, I get those things mixed up all the time. In fact, just the other night I said, "I'm heading down the river. Oooops! I mean, I'm going to put the sprinkler out." Silly me.

You want adventure? I'll show you adventure. Cooper and I were in the bed with our jammies on BY SIX THIRTY three nights this week. And the fourth night we made it there by eight o'clock. In the bed. Yes we were. Now THAT is just living on the edge. Call us sloths if you want to. But it felt pretty stinkin' good I must say. We were forced to sit in the cozy bed and eat Doritos and Starburst. We enjoyed our adventure vicariously through others by watching Monday Night Raw, The Superstars and The Gladiators. Oh, and a lot of Funny Home Videos. Which just crack us up. Because people fainting during weddings and porta potties tipping over are very hilarious. Just sayin'.

In other news....I spent the week fighting off an awful summer cold that left me with a cough that sounds like I have TB and fever so high one night that I just hoped I could garner the energy to pick up a pen and scratch out a will or some instructions for the paramedic on how to get in touch with the Captain.

This post has been all over the place. But that's just the way I roll.

It has been a very nice, quiet week with just me and Cooper. Well just me, Cooper and the Mucinex. I have really enjoyed having him - and just him - all to myself.

But I am soooo ready for Jordan and the Captain to come home.

So today wraps up our week of adventure and begins our 3 day weekend. And that's just sweet.

And I remain ever-thankful for our freedoms and our independence. The end.

Oh - and one last thing. Why do people call it the Fourth of July? It's Independence Day. You don't wish people a "Merry 25th of December" or say "What are you getting your wife for the 14th of February?" That just drives me nuts.

So....Happy Independence Day people! May hot dogs and fireworks abound.

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