Monday, July 27, 2009

Journey to Enlightenmenthood

Things uttered from a 7-year old during an eight mile journey in the car.

Eight miles.

Approximately 15 minutes.

~ ~ ~

"One time, when I was a tiny baby you were doing laundy and I pooped in my pants."

"I just can't wait to go fishing on a real boat. I have been waiting my whole life to do that."

"Have you ever seen a red eyed tree frog? Did you know with their scary red eyes they can scare away snakes? I saw that on Diego. I really learn lots of stuff on that show. Like how to say the word flower in Spanish. " (He then proceeded to say something that sounded like this: astaphilamena)

"I really, really want to go golfing. I have been practicing in the den and am so good at it now."

"I think we should buy Jordan a puppy for her birthday because she would love that." (Editor's Note: Jordan's birthday is in APRIL.) (Additional Editor's Note: There will be no puppy.)

"In some countries, like Japan, the word for soccer is football and the word for football is soccer."

Oh, and throw in the entire story of Esther that he has been studying in Bible class.
"So King Xerxes (pronounced "Zuhcksees") tapped Esther with the baton and that means she could talk to the King...So Esther (pronounced "Esta") said to the King "Why don't you come over for dinner. And hey, bring Haman.....And THEN, {snicker snicker} Haman got hung on HIS OWN HANGMAN THING. Isn't that so funny?!?!"

~ ~ ~

Eight miles people.

I was enlightened.

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