Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Would you think less of me if I told you I really don't care about the Harry Potter movie?

Or if I told you that I found a pop-tart in Cooper's room this weekend while I was cleaning it up? And also a pickle jar - with some juice in it - under his bed?

I really do keep a moderately clean house. Even though my son has food stashed in his room.

Oh and a bar of soap. Still in the box. In his desk drawer.

Although he really doesn't use the desk drawers for any desky type stuff. He has video games and army men and 3-d glasses in there. And soap.

He also has 283,401 Nerf darts.

There are 20 days until school starts again. Guess I'd better get the kids some uniforms. And some shoes. Humph. BUT I HAVE WIDE RULE NOTEBOOK PAPER!!! YES I DO!!! It is a hot commodity in these here parts.

And there are 150 shopping days until Christmas. And I have already bought some gifts. Because I am weird like that. It's a sickness people. Don't judge.

I made Chicketti last night for dinner. And it was good. You may know this pan of deliciousness as Rotel Chicken or Chicken Spaghetti. Let's just call it There Is A God And He Is Good Casserole. Amen.

Have I ever mentioned that it scares me to sneeze when I drive. Seriously.

And that is all there is today people. Have a good day.

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JuJu said...

I, too, am afraid to sneeze when I drive. Although, to be honest, I'm afraid to sneeze, period. After two kids, and the onset of middle age, every sneeze is an adventure.

angie128 said...

Isn't it scary!?!? Cause your eyes are CLOSED!! While you are DRIVING!!! And it's probably only for a milisecond. But a lot can happen in that time. Like what if the jerking of the sneeze makes you turn the wheel? It's skeeery.

Oh - yes - and the other problem too. There's that.

So not only are we gonna' wreck our cars....we're gonna' pee in our pants.....

Kearsie said...

Once, my inlaws found a perfectly wrapped McDonald's Cheeseburger in my husband's dresser.

Also, I knew you were my Beef. Because I buy Christmas presents early too. Although, this year I'm slacking. Everyone might instead get a fabric yo-yo hairband. And maybe a face scrubbie, because I'm real nice that way.

Dining Table Teacher said...

We're going to have an all handmade Christmas this year. When we first came up w/the idea I loved it. Now, I hate it. Because I'm making ALL THE GIFTS! No one has any skills round here. So I'm starting already too.

I pee when I sneeze...or jump on the trampoline...or laugh...or get scared...or (insert any activity here)

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