Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Miscellany

Cooper: I just saw a lightening bug.

Me: They usually don't come out until later, when it's dark.

Cooper: Maybe he's just getting an early start in finding a lady bug.


Jordan: I need to go to the store.

Me: For what?

Jordan: Some feminine products.

Me: I just bought you all that. What else do you need?

Jordan: Fake nails.

Me: Good try.


(Kids were playing a game together and Jordan solved one of the puzzles.)


Jordan: Stay in school kid.

Cooper: Yeah, I guess I should quit taking bathroom breaks at school just to get water.

Jordan: ??

Cooper: I say have to go to the bathroom and then I just hang around the water fountain.


My friend the weatherman invited me to join him and one of our former co-workers for dinner. I couldn't make it so I asked him for a raincheck. Which totally cracked me up. Asking the weatherman for a raincheck. Get it?? WEA-THER-MAN?? .... RAIN-CHECK?? I seriously crack myself up.


We went to go see Wicked this week. Loved it. Life lessons learned from Wicked: (1) Things are not always how they seem. (2) Some bad PR can really ruin a person.


That's it for me today people.
Go forth and have a good day.

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