Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For the win

The Captain recently scored an entire set of kids golf clubs for Cooper. They were brand stinking new and somebody gave them to us because his son "never really took to golf". OK, we'll take them. Thank you.

For the first few nights, Cooper slept with the clubs by his bed. And there are rumors of him kissing the driver before he went to sleep.

Since then, he and the Captain have enjoyed watching some golf on TV. And they've been playing a little golf together. Either in the backyard, or at the driving range, or at the empty soccer field. They are creating memories. And divots. They have even been known to practice putting in the den. Although that gets a little dicey. And I usually have to put the kibosh on that.

Last night they were hitting some whiffle balls in the back yard. Cooper was pretending like he was playing in the U.S. Open and had just made a 2 foot putt for the win. We were the commentators interviewing him on his big win. It went something like this:

Dad - say "For the win" like they do on TV.

Captain (in low TV golf announcer voice):
For the win.

(Cooper sinks putt (OK there really was no sinking - he just hit the ball into the toppled flower pot) and then proceeds to throw his hands in the air, scream, drop to his knees and hide his face in his hands. Then he reaches in the flower pot hole, retrieves the ball, and holds it up to acknowledge the crowd. He makes his way across the yard through the imaginary throngs of fans and conducts his interview by speaking into the end of the golf club microphone.)

Congratulations Cooper on the big win. How does it feel?

Awesome. Just awesome. I can't believe I won the championship. I would like to thank my family. And my dog.

What are you going to do with all this money?

I'm going to buy some remote control cars. Because I am just seven. And I'm giving the rest to charity.

What was the hardest hole for you out there today?

Definitely number 19. It was so hard. There was sand all over it.

(That is the point where I started laughing so hard, I had a coughing fit. And I almost wet my pants too.)

What was it like playing against Tiger?

It was hard. Because he's an expert you know. And I'm just seven. If you'll excuse me now, I need to go say hello to my fans.

Kid totally cracks me up.

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JuJu said...

The kid and the BIG kid. (Dad) Awwwwww.