Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maybe consider a rental?

A little interlude between the Captain and his 82 year old Grandmother (who really is sharp as a tack, is in great health and will probably out live all of us).

Grandmother: I have a favor but will you tell me if you can't do it?

Captain: Of course I'll do it. What is it?

Grandmother: You may not want to do it.

Captain: Just tell me what it is.

Grandmother: I want you to be honest with me.

Captain: WHAT IS IT?

Grandmother: Will you take my car to the body shop for an estimate?

Captain: What happened to your car?

Grandmother: Well, I hit your Aunt G's mailbox when I was turning in the driveway and I scratched the side all up.

Captain: OK, they can fix that.

Grandmother: Well, there was another little incident.

Captain: The same time you hit the mailbox?

Grandmother: Well no. A few days later, I hit a brick pillar and knocked the side view mirror off.

Captain: They can fix both of those things at once.

Grandmother: OK good. Do you mind helping me get that fixed?

Captain: No problem.

Grandmother: OK. I have one more favor.

Captain: What is that?

Grandmother: Can I drive your truck while mine is in the shop?

Captain: I'm thinking I don't want you driving my truck....

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

mom said...

Doesn't her insurance pay for a rental?

JuJu said...

Bless Grandma, the demolition driver.

w said...

i had no idea you knew grandma mazur.

Dining Table Teacher said...

Hm. She sounds a little like Grandma Mazur.

Darn it. The pooping chicken beat me to it. It's not funny now.