Monday, August 3, 2009

You can take that to the bank

The other night Cooper and I were having a deep discussion about life. You know. Like what he wants to be when he grows up.

He said he he thinks he wants to work at a bank.

A bank?!

This comes as a complete surprise since his previous career aspirations have included wanting to be a roll thrower at Lambert's, a pizza delivery guy, or a garbage man (cause apparently it would be "cool to hang on the outside of the truck and ride around").

If none of those jobs work out, his back-up plans include a professional baseball player or a professional golfer. No pressure.

Me: A bank? You would like to work at a bank?

Cooper: Could I make money working at a bank to take care of my family?

Me: What would you do at the bank?

Cooper: Hmmmmm....I think I would like to be the person who takes the things out of the tube. Do they make money?

Me: Yes, they make money. So you want to be the person who sits at the drive through window and handles the money and checks and stuff that people put in the tubes?

Cooper: No. I just want to take the stuff out of the tube and give it to the people who do the checks and money and stuff.

Me: Ohhhh. So what would that job be called?

Cooper: Tube Person.

Well alrighty' then....

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w said...

tubular, dude.

Dining Table Teacher said...

Totally tubular.

He'd be bored in 5 minutes.

Tonya @ said...

awww, gotta love kids and their high aspirations.

we've ranged from walmart worker, mcdonalds worker, shoe store worker, hip hop dancer to eventually things like vet, ultrasound person, rocket scientist and even missionary.

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

This makes me laugh! Where do kids come up with these things? I can say. though, I never imagined when I was a kid that I would ever do what I do for a living...