Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sold! To the gal with OCD and the migraine.

Friday I noticed an online auction advertised in my newspaper.

And they were auctioning off a sectional.

I have totally been in the market for a sectional for my playroom. But I don't want to spend a small fortune on it.

#1 because it's upstairs and said purchased sectional would not be in the direct line of public viewing.

#2 Did I mention it was in the playroom? Which means it will get jumped on and flopped on and be forced to endure lots of wii playing activity.

But I thought that if I could get this sectional for a moderate song, then why not?

So I registered.

And entered my "maximum secret bid".

OK, I actually had to get Friend Anne to help me because I'm a moron. And I'm not real savvy with online auctions.

So she explained it all to me.

And then I clicked "submit bid". Eeeeeek!

I was the current high bidder!!!

Then I got excited. And nervous.

Because what if I won the sectional?!?!? I would be excited. And nervous.

And what if I didn't win the sectional?!?!? I would be sad. And relieved.

It was an odd sort of emotion rolling around in that ol' heart of mine.

The auction ran for 48 hours. And I obsessed over it all weekend and constantly checked my email and the auction site for updates would occasionally think about it and check the current bid.

I am not cut out for ebay.

Or apparently any sort of auction.

Because there is a constant state of nervousness during this bidding process. It is not good for anyone with OCD. Just sayin'.

I was actually the only bidder on the sectional. Well, one other guy bid, but it did not meet the reserve, so his bid was never accepted. So my original bid was it.

And all 382,429 times every time I checked, I was the ONLY bidder. So things were kind of in my favor. Unless there was a last minute bump bidder.

I also had some momentary panic set in when I wondered if the sectional was really a SECTIONal. Like, could this thing make it up my stairs? And make those tight little stairway turns? Hmmmmm.

The auction closed at 10pm on Sunday night. Which is past my bedtime. But I thought I could stay up and witness history. But then I got a migraine. And really could not even get out of bed. Much less check the current bid status.

The Captain offered to stay up and engage in a bidding war if necessary. And courageously fight that last minute bump bid. Cause he is brave like that.

But I decided that my first - and only - bid was my final offer. And if I were going to keep upping my bid, then I could just buy it directly from the store.

So I went to bed.

And Monday morning discovered....


Woooo hooooo!

Did I mention that the sectional - that I now own - was one of the exact ones that I had looked at?!?! And how cool is that?

In the meantime, I'm still hoping we can get my little prize up the stairs.....

Stay tuned....

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Melinda said...

I'm smiling because I would be the exact same way ... from being too ebay-challenged to figure out how to bid in the first place to obsessively checking the status. And I get migraines! We're kindred spirits! Is that a good thing??! LOL! ;0)

Thanks for stopping by my blog ... I'm really glad you found me, Angie!

angie said...

I sell things on ebay, but rarely bid on them b/c I'm the same way. The house we just bought ended in a bidding war. I thought that I was going to emotionally crack. My husband thought it would be funny to tell me that we were outbid and I actually started crying.

I'm so glad you got your section......fingers crossed that it sails right up your stairs.

I got a repo.......at market value. I'm thinking you made the better investment. :)

JuJu said...

One worry at a time. I'm sure that monster will get up the stairs!!

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

I have never entered into the foray of ebay. I should sell some of the junk in my house though and make a little extra money...

w said...

what color is it? because if it's pink, i should have bid, too.

tonya said...

I had to enter a 12 step program for eBay (along with Bejeweled).

Hope the sectional is mahvelous!!!

Lisa Patton said...

I just had my very first serious ebay auction today. My adrenaline was going, hear beating. ... then . . I lost. :-( Somebody snuck in with only 10 seconds left and won by only $25.00 more than my highest bid.) I'm done.