Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A whole new spin on it

Last week Cooper & I were on the way home from dropping Jordan off at a youth group devotional.

Then I realized From the back seat....

Cooper (in a sing-song voice): Toooooonight Jorrrrrrrrdan willlllllllllll plaaaaaaaaaaaay spinnnnnnnnnn theeeeeeeeeee botttttlllllle attttttttttt theeeeeeeeee deeeeeeeeeevo atttttttttttt Misssssssssster Annnnnnnnnndrew's.

Me (trying to not drive the car off in a ditch and trying not to reply to him in a tone which would cause alarm and clamming up): Spin the bottle?

Cooper: Yep. Spin the bottle.


Cooper: Spin the Bottle at the Devo.

Me (gently prodding in my best motherly detective manner): What exactly will they do when they play Spin the Bottle at the Devo?

Cooper: They will spin the bottle. And whoever it points to has to answer a Bible question.

Me: Spin the bottle for a Bible question?

Cooper: Exactly.

Me: Have you ever played spin the bottle?

Cooper: Yep - at lunch. We play a lot.

Me: What do you do when you play spin the bottle?

Cooper: We spin the bottle (spoken to me as if I were an idiot) and see who it points to.

Me: Then what?

Cooper: Nothing. Then the next person spins.

Me (not at all surprised, but a tad relieved nonetheless): Do you know what REAL spin the bottle is?

Cooper: Nope.

Me: You spin the bottle and then you have to kiss whoever the bottle points to.

Cooper (in true 7 year old boy fashion): Eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Me: So do you think they will be playing spin the bottle tonight at the devo?

Cooper: Probably not.

Me: Nope. Probably not.

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beckyjomama said...

I am crackin up here!!!

JuJu said...

I've got to meet this kid. He's hilarious.

tonya said...

Love it!

Dining Table Teacher said...

Kissing is gross...except when it's not.