Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It had really not been an ideal day on many fronts. It was the end of a very, very long -- and not so great -- day. I was ready to just be done with the whole stinking thing. Let's just say nothing about it would probably make my lifetime highlight reel.

The Captain and I had gone to bed and were watching some a very good football game and I was filling him in on all this blah blah blah stuff that had happened that day.

I had just confessed to him that I actually told Cooper (who had stomped his foot in anger at the "time for a bath" order) that if he ever stomped his foot at me again, I would chop his legs off. Seriously. Did I really threaten to do that to my son? Yes, I did. Although people, I would never do that, ok? So don't go turning me into DHS or anything. But yes, I did say I would chop his legs off.

Anyhooo, I was weary. And my back was itchy. And I was acting like something that rhymes with itchy. And then it just got a little dicey....

Me: I think have Now-M-S.

Captain: Now-M-S?

Me: Yeah, it's like PMS, but it's Now-M-S. Maybe I should call it C-M-S.

Captain: What's the C stand for? Constant?


Captain: (Laughing his head off so very proud of his humor): Well, not exactly.

Me: You think you're soooooo funny don't you? The C stands for CURRENT. As in NOW, but not ALWAYS. Like the P stands for PRE. As in BEFORE, but not ALWAYS.

Captain: Oh, I thought the P stood for permanent.

And then he laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall out of bed.

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JuJu said...

Man, I hope today is a better day.

Were you watching Monday Night Football? I had a friend email me to tell me that they mentioned my dad and showed a clip of him on there! I wish I had seen it. Did you by any chance?

MOM said...

Apparently Cooper didn't intend to take a bath yesterday. When I took him home the plan was that he would take the bath when we got home and then we could play. He started watching TV -my mistake. So, then he promised to take it at 7:00. When the Captain came in later, I told him what the plan had been and he could take care of the rest.

angie128 said...

JuJu - I didn't get home until a little before 9pm. I caught the last crazy 10 minutes of the 1st game. And only lasted about 30 minutes into the second game. I didn't see the clip of your dad. BOO! I would have loved to have seen that! How cool!!!

Mom - Cooper was clean when I got home, so the plan must have worked eventually.

MOM said...

Well, I bow to a Captain who has more authority than I do.

Tonya said...

here, here to the CMS- can you tell my husband you diagnosed me, I mean you know an awful lot of medical people so its kind of official isn't it?

Kearsie said...


This made me laugh. I have had AMLMS. Which stands for "All Month Long Menstrual Syndrome."

Also, I must now go wash my hands for typing the word "menstrual".

Dining Table Teacher said...

I got it. I thought current as soon as I saw the C. Maybe I should be your husband. Only, it's not legal, I live in OR & I'm your sister.

Never mind.

w said...

hahaahahahahahaahahaah! and breathe. and hahahahaahahahaha!

i have iwmactgayiymmpms.

that means. i have "i will make a cut throat gesture at you if you mention my pms". but i won't really cut anyone's throat. just like you won't cut cooper's legs.