Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Five Senses - Part 3

Today we'll TOUCH ON another of the five senses (sorry, couldn't resist)

Things I like to touch:
1. Clean sheets
2. Having my feet or back rubbed.
3. The weight of lots of blankets on the bed in the winter
4. Hot bath or shower - like, the water is so hot it makes my skin red
5. Brand new notebooks and pads of paper

Things I do not like to touch:
1. Raw chicken
2. Feeling a bug under the paper towel when I'm squishing him. (I use LOTS of paper towels.)
3. Having dirty hands. Need hanitizer immediately.
4. Gas pump handles
5. Any sort of reptiley animal to include snake, frog, lizard, etc. Oh wait - maybe a frog is an amphibian? I can't remember. I think it is. Oh well - any kind of animal like that too.

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