Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday means Twitter recap

My Twitters this week were very tan. Just like me.

~ ~ ~

Driving home in the rain. Bleh.

Home. It's sweet.

Cloudy and 55 degrees is NOTHING like sunny and 89 degrees. In case you were wondering...

Baskets of dirty laundry exceed amount of detergent on hand.

Today I will be singing "Facing Reality after a Weeklong Vacation at the Beach Really Stinks".

This just in....Obama watched a football game this weekend and now has been awarded the Heisman Trophy.

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down so Piglet started bailing.....

"I Love Lucy" is the greatest show ever. The end.

Every time I try to balance my checkbook, I am reminded why I decided not to be an Accounting major.

Do you put on sock-shoe-sock-shoe? Or sock-sock-shoe-shoe? I'm a sock-sock-shoe-shoe kinda' gal. Right foot always first. I have issues.

That balloon thing would totally get an A+ in the science fair.

Just remembered that I have to go vote today. And fix dinner.

Going to a book signing tonight for a long-time friend. Happy for her. It will be a mini-reunion of former coworkers. Kind of nervous.

I need to lose 20 pounds by 5pm....

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