Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hail to the Dressing

Happy Thanksgiving Eve people.

In honor of the eve of the day that I will eat my mother's dressing, I am rerunning last year's tribute to the dressing. Which I love. In case you haven't noticed.

Originally posted November 25, 2008

I Can Taste It Now

It's probably going to be in my best interest to start a mini-fast to try to save up some calories so I can eat more on Thursday. Won't it be yummy? Kashi bars and Lean Cuisines for me from here on out. Not so yummy.

I love the turkey and the green bean casserole and the cranberries and all the other Thanksgiving foods. But my heart belongs to the dressing. And not just anybody's dressing. My mother's dressing. Yes, I'm a dressing snob.

Thanksgiving is at my house this year. Everybody is bringing something. My mom is bringing the turkey and the dressing. I've made a turkey and dressing before. The turkey, I can manage. The dressing, another story. It was okaaaaaaay. But just not like my mom's. Even though I followed her "non-recipe" exactly.

And it's a very simple "non-recipe". It's a cornbread dressing. It actually only has 5 ingredients. I think.... Well, maybe more if you count the herbs and spices. And it DOESN'T have some ingredients. Dressing rules: No eggs, no celery, no oysters, no cream of anything soup, not much sage.

It's just very simple. And it's just very good. And yes, it is good enough to have an entire blog post dedicated to it.

Man, I heart that stuff. And it just wouldn't be the same Thanksgiving if I didn't have my mom's dressing. I would - and often do - skip dessert just to have more dressing.

I'm getting excited right now thinking about it.

Mom, quit reading this blog and go make the dressing!!

That is, by far, my favorite food at Thanksgiving.

What about you? What Thanksgiving dish makes your mouth water?

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MOM said...

What pressure you put on me. Now, I am going to put in the turkey and begin the process. The dressing is cornbread, white bread, turkey broth,salt, pepper onions and a small amount of sage. As your dad used to say, what is the big deal, it is only bread and grease. But, everyone always thinks their mother makes the best.

Cameron and Rachel said...

I am so hungry after reading this post. I love my moms dressing too.
Hope your family has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kearsie said...

Poor Mom. I hope she doesn't slip up and throw in an egg or some more sage.

My step dad makes the stuffing for our family. He uses the innards and stuff. And it's super nom.

But my all time favorite thing at Thanksgiving? Cranberry sauce. My mouth waters just thinking about it's tarty goodness. It's way better with the can lines too.