Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday = Twitter Recap

Hello Saturday. You are one of my favorite days. But don't tell the others.

Hate buying ink for our printer. $$$

Did somebody forget to tell Florida that the game started over an hour ago?

I don't like Florida. But I do like Riley Cooper's hair

I absolutely hate those beef jerky Sasquatch commercials. They are mean to the Sasquatch.

Wow. Bama.

Hated to see Tebow crying like that.

I won $100 at my office Christmas party last night. And some free Velveeta from @Busymom 's blog. It's been a most excellent weekend!

Playing Wii Music with my peeps. Why do they always make me play the xylophone?

I have written some things on my Christmas shopping list in code. Now I can't remember what they mean.

I just hemmed my pants with a stapler.

We've got 86,400 seconds today people. Whatcha' gonna' do with 'em?

It's weird to hear thunder in December.

That wind out there. Seriously.

I will not get stressed out over the holiday to-do list. I will not get stressed out over the holiday to-do list. I will not get....

Heading out to chase a wild goose

Ummmm, it's cold. The end.

My outfit needs slingback pumps. My freezing feet need boots.

I'll be giving several people a clue for Christmas. It's obvious they don't have one.

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