Monday, December 28, 2009

Ummmm, I think he likes it

Did everybody have a great Christmas?

We did....And now, alas, it is over. My tree and all my decorations are all packed up. And have been since Saturday. Bah.

And today I go back to work. For the first time in 10+ days. Bah again.

Everybody has enjoyed playing with all their new goodies.

Especially the Bloggie Doggie.

Who got a new Frisbee.


He has not put it down. Seriously. Since Christmas Eve.

He likes to carry it around and look through it...

Or carry another toy with it...
(Please ignore me and Cooper in this picture. We were playing with Cooper's Nintendo DS. And maybe I still had on my pajamas at 4pm and maybe I didn't...)

Sometimes he just sits and holds it while he watches a football game....

He's even been taking it to bed with him....

Yep, I'd say he likes it.

Have a good day doing whatever it is you are doing today people.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

w said...

maybe the frisbee is laced with venison.

you still had your pjs on at 4pm? how embarassing. i'm totally dressed and decent by 3:30pm.

Kearsie said...

This would be me with a Snuggie. But alas, I did not receive a Snuggie. So that's just in my imagination.