Monday, January 11, 2010

Facelift Haiku

I have a new look.

Something for the brand new year.

It's bloggy botox.

8 Wanna' ramble too?:

Just Mom said...

"Bloggy botox"


I get those about once or twice a year, right Momma Roar? :-D

Cameron and Rachel said...

Love the new look! And thanks for the congrats on the job. He is so excited this has been a roller-coaster getting there. He goes wed for an interview and psych, so say a little prayer everything goes well.
Thanks and have a great week!

w said...

your bloggy botox
makes me yearn for something new.
haikus are hard, man.

JuJu said...

Mama like!

Momma Roar said...

Love the new look!! Makes me feel like spring is right around the corner!

I end up helping others change around their blogs looks before I get around to doing my own! LOL

I'll be back often - when I feel cold!! ;)

w said...

why can't i write one?
it is just too difficult.
haikus are hard, man.

i know. i used that last line before. but dude. like it says. they're hard, man.

Susan said...

My look is new too
But not because of botox
Melissa did it

Susan said...

You so crack me up
Glad that we are b-f-fs
Our blogs are rockin'