Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twitter Lang Syne

Happy New Year! Twitter style.

House is now 50% decorated. 50% undecorated. 100% disaster.

In order for the crock pot to work properly, one must make sure the lid is COMPLETELY on. #mymeatisveryraw

What's that condition where a person never wants to leave their house? I think I have it...

Dear Reality: You have shown up & are ruining my little "stay home all the time & never really get dressed" holiday fun. Go away. Thanks.

I'm living on the edge. I don't have a 2010 calendar yet.

Just went to get lunch from employee cafeteria. Disappointed there is no fudge, sausage balls, Christmas cookies or Chex mix.....

My house is very ... lived in.

Remember when I said I bonked heads with the dog yesterday? Sporting lovely shiner today. Will pretend purplish reddish eyeshadow is in.

Today is the first trash pick-up since Christmas aka Let's see what the neighbors got for Christmas.

I refuse to call this upcoming year "Twenty Ten".

I really don't understand how it can already be the New Year in New Zealand....It's only 7am here....

Tomorrow is January 1. Still don't have a new calendar. I'm living on the edge. Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, hives & all. I'm a rebel.

Dear ESPN announcers: Please quit talking about John Calipari. He is not our coach anymore.

Dear stupid ESPN announcers: Did you have to bring up the Memphis-Kansas National Championship game? That game doesn't exist. Remember?

Irony of life. About the time we QUIT celebrating New Years Eve is the same time kids START celebrating New Years Eve. *Yawn*

I love Kirk Herbstreit. The end.

Fleecey jammie pants + static electricity + dog hair = I look like a wooly mammoth.


Apparently my son ate mexican jumping beans for dinner instead of black-eyed peas.

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Just Mom said...

I came here by way of Momma Roar. Just wanted to tell you this post had me really chuckling. I'd be disappointed too if I couldn't find fudge, sausage balls, Christmas cookies or Chex mix.