Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week of Twitters

A peek into the 140 character Tweets that pop into my mind. Be scared people.

At a 7 year old boys basketball game you use Rock Paper Scissors instead of a jump ball.

Heading to the Monster Truck Jam. I have ear plugs in my future.

Oh dear. They've started the wave at the monster truck jam. I. Hate. The. Wave

WHAT DID YOU SAY?? #monstertrucksareloud

This mogul skiing stuff makes my knees hurt.

Our light dusting of snow last night makes my back yard look like a funnel cake.

Yikes. My office parking lot is icy. Could do pairs figure skating out here.

Annnnnd I just spilled a cup of coffee all over my desk

Can somebody please come cut my hair?

Step right up! Step right up! See the amazing @angie128 juggle 157 balls at one time! {cue circus music}

When you get up at 2:45 am, by the time it's 8:45 am, it feels like it's 1:45 pm. Just sayin'

I made a real bad shoe choice today.

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