Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back - Twitter style

So the last two Saturdays I have failed to post. I'm sorry I let you down. I am sure you cried and cried and just sat by your computer all day and hit refresh....

Never fear. I'm here today. And here are some of the highlights from the Twitterverse from the last few weeks.

Trying to get a baseball bat out of my tree.

Hi, my name is @angie128 and I don't watch Dancing with the Stars.

Headed to therapy -- I mean Target.

Just played the word "bozos" on Words with Friends

Made a mountain out of a mole hill. And it wasn't even really a mole hill. It was more like a mole speed bump. Blah.

I smile and wave at people who mistake me for @connie423. I don't want them to think she's a snob and all.

Happy Winds-day. Get it? Wind. Wednesday. It's WINDY here today. Oh forget it.

The Captain is now singing to the soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou. Help me.

In other news, there is a limit to the number of Words with Friends games you are allowed to play. Just sayin'...

Son just came inside and asked for a shovel. Kind of scared about that.

The Captain was the Mayor of Snoreville last night.

And then Monday showed up and ruined everything....

Meeting @connie423 at the place to give her some stuff for the thing.

My checkbook and I have a lot in common. We become very unbalanced if we are neglected.

The Captain is watching a show about snakes. I am officially creeped out.

I just poured a whole cup of water down my shirt. Brilliant.

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Just Mom said...

LOL! Yes, Target = therapy.