Monday, May 10, 2010

I have a guest blogger!

Today I have a guest blogger! My daughter, the one and only Jordan, will be blogging for me today. Take it away Jordan! {cue applause}

~ ~ ~ ~

hello people of the blogosphere!

i would like to thank my mother for letting me guest star on the blog. and for giving me birth.

yesterday was mother's day so this blog is going to be all about MY MOMMY!

let's start off with a haiku:

her name is angie.

she has 2 kids that she loves.

and the captain too.

so i'm a little worried about mom, she's obsessed. yes people, obsessed. with words with friends. she has over 20 games going on. i mean, isn't that a little much?

mom's also addicted to twittter. i get her tweets on my phone. when i check my phone at school when school's over and i check my phone, i see her tweets. those make me worry some more. and sometimes i share them with the girl's fitness class in the locker room. here are some of the posts:

I just found a penny on the sidewalk. Yes, it was face up. Yes, I picked it up.

Greetings from Frumpville.


Just broke a glass candle lid while checking out at Target.

...and there are so many more...but you get the idea!

even though my mom is silly and lives in her own little world and talks to herself sometimes ... i love her. she always does her best to get me where i need to be. she's always at my volleyball games screaming (so loud).

plus, she's just pretty beast. and i get the pleasure to say: that's my mommy! WHOOO HOO!

okay peeps, that's all from the brain of jordan today. thanks for putting up with mom, we all appreciate it(: haha(:(:

5 Wanna' ramble too?:

Just Mom said...


Great blog post Jordan.

JuJu said...

Jordan! I am so impressed. You know your mother so very well.

I'm thinking you need your own blog, you did so well with this one!!

Steve said...

Wow, the girl's a natural blogger! And that sounds just like the Angie that I know, too. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Kearsie said...

She had me at "haiku".

You've trained her well, Angie, my friend.

Jordan said...

Why thank you peoples! I do want my own blog (: