Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's silly

Have these taken over your house?

They are SillyBandz. And that's what they are. Silly. Bands.

They are little rubber band bracelets. Shaped like different things. For all of you Children of the 80's, think Jelly Bands ala Madonna and Cindy Lauper. But in shapes.

Kids now are collecting them. And trading them. And wearing them. Wearing all of them. Wearing all of them that they own. All 79 of them. At once. Rumor has it that Davis in Mrs. K's class at school has them going from his wrist all the way up his forearm past his elbow! I cannot confirm or deny that current urban legend that is being talked about in the school cafeteria.

I did see a 50-ish woman at Target last week wearing about 10 of them. I stared at her.

I don't even know where you can get them. The Captain's mother bought some for Cooper. The rest he has wheeled and dealed to secure. And I think they also multiply on his arms overnight.

Cooper says these are currently the most popular ones for trading...the cross, the dove, the person, and the "flying deer" (also known as a reindeer I believe)

You could also choose vehicles....

Or animals....

I'm fond of the bunnies myself.....Because I love bunnies.

This is one of Cooper's favorites. Yes, that's his favorite team. He's slightly misguided and has fallen under the influence of my sister's family....(Connie, comments currently disabled for you...)

He also likes this water bottle too. But I think the blue should be on the bottom like the water and the white should be on the top like the bottle. Oh well, they didn't ask me.

So, that's about it. In case you've been wondering what is the latest kid fad, consider yourself informed.

Have a silly day people. I love you!

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Momma Roar said...

I was wondering if these were as popular in other areas as they are here.

Q got one from a friend at co-op and wears it all the time. And then this past Sunday morning, the young boy behind us in church gave each of the kids one. His mom smiled and said they have plenty and she thought they'd be fun for the kids to play with. My youngest broke his bunny yesterday. :-o

Q has a glow in the dark bird and he and E both have flamingos.

They are silly, but I wish I had thought of them! ;-D

Just Mom said...

Oh my gosh! I want one (or more) of those! LOL!

JuJu said...

Ah yes. Even my 17 year old wears one.

I so want to see a picture of
Davis' arm. Man, he's c o o l.

Kearsie said...

Oh yes, it's ALL about the Silly Bandz.

I'll bet that older lady you saw wearing bracelets was wearing CRAZY BANDZ which are bigger.

Please don't ask me how I know this.

Steve said...

I know I'm getting older now, because I just don't see the point in these. But I do know there are several Disney sets coming out in July.