Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tah. Wit. Ter.

In looking back over this week's tweets, I have discovered a very low level of twittering going on. That is in direct correlation with how busy and tired I have been. Because nuts.

Yo. Tweet.


Driving to pick up The Girl from volleyball practice. Shocker.

Shame on you.

Schlemiel....Schlimazel....Hasenpfeffer Incorporated

This weekend I hope to clean out my Google Reader. And my refrigerator.

There's a baby raccoon climbing down the side of our building.

And yes, this morning I have secured a pony pasture and an ATV for a media pitch. EIEIO. Sincerely, Mrs. McDonald.

There are a lot of adjectives that may be used to describe me. But "willowy" is not one of them.

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w said...

i'm pretty sure i tweet this week. and i think it was to you. idk. i'm too lazy to go check.