Saturday, August 21, 2010

And here is a review of my most exciting life. Via Twitter.

Hope I can find some shoes for my feet to match the bags under my eyes.

The Captain would rather watch a dinosaur move than the Dora cake Food Challenge. I just don't get that.

Happiness is ... four empty laundry baskets.

Son at first day of school. Daughter at orthodontist getting rest of braces which includes some sort of cranking torture device.

After trying for over an hour, the orthodontist couldn't get expander thing to fit Girl's mouth. More impressions then back on Wednesday.

Copy machine just went down. There's a picture of a wrench in the display. That can't be good.

I'm real proud of myself that I've made it to Wednesday. {taking a bow}

Keep calm and carry on. Or eat a donut.

Attempting to cover The Girl's textbooks with brown paper. For something so simple, it sure is complicated.

Heading out to a cow field in Mississippi to meet one of my MDs doing live TV morning show about ATV safety. Yes, I'm a glamorous PR gal.

My son just asked for broccoli for an after school snack. #notmykid #hospitalmixup

Volleyball game, football practice, meet the teacher night. Ready? Go!

Not that I'm counting down or anything...But there are TWOMOREWEEKSTILCOLLEGEFOOTBALL!!!

Just found a cricket in my sink. I put a bowl over it until the Captain gets up. I don't do crickets.

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