Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday, I was able to stay and watch Cooper's football practice for the first time.

And I found out...maybe I'm not cut out to be a football mom.

Cause they just hit so....hard.

And the coaches yell so....loud.

Coop caught a helmet to the ribs and the coach sent him over to me to catch his breath and get some water from his 96 gallon jug that is the size of a Grecian urn that I bought him to make sure he doesn't dehydrate but it's so big he can hardly lift it to his mouth and when he tilts it up to take a drink he tips over backwards.

I wanted to just put him in the car and drive him home after making a quick trip to the ER to get an x-ray because I was sure he had ruptured his spleen patted his sweaty little head and sent him back down to the field.

To the hitting and yelling.

And I made a note to check into the school's chess club the minute I got home.

And when we got home, Cooper was proud that grass fell out of his underwear when he was getting ready for a shower.

And the Captain laughed at me after I told him about practice and said "Yelling? You think Coach U yells?? Wait til high school."

Then Coop and the Captain practiced some kind of shoulder bump butt roll thing in the den and watched a re-run of an NFL preseason game. And talked football.

And I washed volleyball uniforms and was grateful that one of my kids participates in a sport that doesn't require a helmet.

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connie said...

If you think 8 year olds hit hard you might not want to continue down this "mother of the football player" path...just speaking as a "veteran" "M of the F P"...but keep in mind that when the camera is on them they will say "Hey Mom!!!"...hopefully not from the gurney.
and yes, coaches yell...and say stuff like "Pull your skirt up and do your job, Sally!!"~~ VERY encouraging stuff!!

JuJu said...

Boys are just, so, DIFFERENT.

Hang in there mom!

KaseysKrazyMommy said...

Oh dear... mine is only 3, but you are scaring me! Only I can yell those kinds of things at my boy! right? ;)