Monday, August 2, 2010

I survived.

I made it through the weekend and lived to tell about it.

I made it through the Justin Bieber concert. And in case you haven't been at a concert full of 20,000 high-pitched squealing and screaming pre-teen girls, you just haven't lived. And you also still have full use of your ear drums.

I tried to get out of it.

I bribed everybody I saw. I offered to trade jobs with our waiter at dinner, the restaurant manager, a couple in the restaurant parking lot, the parking lot attendant, the security guy at the arena, the gal at the will call window at the arena....everybody I saw. I offered to do their job for the rest of the night if they would take Jordan and her friend to the show. No takers. Nobody even considered it. Not even the waiter -- who I offered not only to work his Saturday night shift, but to also pick up his Sunday shift, do his laundry for a week, and make five casseroles. Nope. No way.

Oh it was fine. It was fun I guess. In a loud, screaming kind of way. I enjoyed watching all the teeny-boppers who like him just as much as his music. And let's just say, it's a good thing he's cute. I was kind of over it when he got in a heart-shaped crane and floated across the audience. {cue groans}. But if Shawn Cassidy had done that when I was 13, I would have screamed my head off too.

In other news, I am happy to report that school supplies have been purchased. I think we have everything -- including the quadrangle something or other graph paper -- also known as notebook paper with little squares on it instead of lines. Well, we may still be in need of some book covers. Oh - and uniforms. Still have to get those. I do think the school administration will frown on kids wearing pajamas or birthday suits....

Finally, the heat this week is going to be beyond brutal. We are under an Excessive Heat Warning. Whatever that is. I think that means the high's are in the 100's and the heat indexes (indices?) are in the 300's. Coop has football practice this week (so does Nephew T). And I am a little bit concerned all this hotness. I am looking today for a 38,000 gallon water jug.

Stay cool people. Hydrate.

PS - Thank you for continuing to remember the LaVelle family. The memorial service on Saturday was very difficult. But an amazing testimony to that family -- over 1,000 people were at the service. Thanks for your prayers too for Nick. He is continuing his treatments for his brain tumor. There are so many people out there whose hearts are hurting....

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JuJu said...

I remember going to a Rick Springfield concert when I was 18. I was probably too old to scream as I did, but I couldn't help myself. I'm glad you survived. I would have been tempted to shoot him down while in that heart.

It sounds like you're in a better state then you were on Friday. Hooray!!

Answers to your questions!

Yes, that is my baseball brother. And, yes, I will ask him to teach you to keep a scorebook. (or at least the best way to go about learning!) And, SIL is reading a Bill Bryson book, I will find out the name of it!

Have a great week, wish you were here at the beach with us!