Monday, August 16, 2010


Cooper and I were looking online at the latest and greatest Lego figures and sets. He was beside himself with eight year old boy excitement and glee.

Cooper: I NEED this!

Me: I don't think you NEED it. I think you WANT it.


So I launched into the ever popular parental lecture about the difference between NEEDS and WANTS. And talked about how our bodies NEED certain things to stay alive, but WANTS are things that would be nice to have, but we aren't required to survive, and sometimes we could die if we don't get things we NEED, etc. NEEDS vs. WANTS blah blah blah.

Me: So, now do you understand?

Cooper: Yes ma'am. I'm pretty sure I NEED it.

Mr. Lego starts school today. Third grade. I'm pretty sure I don't NEED or WANT that....

Grab your lunchbox people and have a good day!

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JuJu said...

I need me some Cooper.


I hope day one was good for him and Jordan! (and MOM!)